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Bez Tytułu is a restaurant located in the center of Warsaw at Poznańska Street. This is a place where you will get to know an original, international cuisine created by Chef Piotr Ceranowicz. The restaurant has no title („Bez Tytułu” means no title) because the names set the limits. As in the art world, the unnamed frees the imagination. The menu of the restaurant consists of small and large dishes, cold and warm ingredients and sweet snacks.  At Bez Tytułu the table is not treated as a piece of furniture, but as an invitation to a meeting. There is a place for a family party, dinner for two, or an evening drink with friends. The menu items are composed in such a way that the dishes can be shared at the common table. It is a place not only to share dishes, but also experiences and inspirations. After all, nothing tastes better than celebrating your moments in good company! Bez Tytułu is a concept belonging to the Project Warszawa group, under the umbrella of which there is also the Epoka restaurant and the Chaud Pain craft bakery.

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